Church & Parish

In this section of the site we look at the the church building and the Ecclesiastical Parish – both today and in the past.

We hope that this section of the site will grow quite considerably and offer a comprehensive resource in which you will find a range of information about the Parish today and in the past. At the moment we have three short pages as detailed below.

You can access the individual pages in this section by using the menu to the left.

The Parish bounds page lists all the roads which are in our parish today. The parish bounds have altered considerably over the years, particularly with the building of the ‘new’ Saint Martin’s church in London Road. Of course, whether you actually live in the Parish is only of passing interest nowadays and people come to Old Saint Martin’s from all over Worcester and beyond. You would be very welcome to join us wherever you live.

We also intend to have a section dealing with the history of the church. This will take a few weeks to prepare so please check regularly to see what we have added. For now there is a short History of Old Saint Martin’s page which covers the history up to the construction of the present church.